About Us

About Us
Chelsea Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides funding for a wide spectrum of educational activities to benefit the residents of Chelsea, Michigan. Funds raised through endowments and events are distributed by the CEF board and managed by local investment professionals. The non-profit Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan also assists us in maximizing our investments.

2015-16 Board

Friends and supporters organized CEF in 1990 to provide a link between school, business and community to strengthen Chelsea’s future. Thanks to strong community support and several significant endowments, the Foundation grew steadily and in 1999 was registered as a non-profit corporation. Since its beginning, over 150 volunteers from the Chelsea community have served a three year term on the 15 member CEF Board. Many school board members, administrators, and student representatives have also volunteered their time to attend the monthly board meetings. Countless others have donated time, supplies, and services throughout the years.

Bridging the Gap

Contributions to CEF are given back to the Chelsea community through scholarships for Chelsea High School graduates, grants to teachers and others with innovative ideas, and sponsorship of community forums on important topics. Since 1998 alone, we have directed more than $800,000 of our contributors’ money to 600+ scholarships and 400+ grants.Museum of Art