Grant Application Overview

The Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF) Grant program is our widest reaching program.  Our grants benefit thousands of Chelsea residents, from school aged children to the elderly.  Since our incorporation in 1990, CEF has granted well over $300,000.oo to Chelsea School District teachers and several community organizations.  Grants are awarded to non-profit, tax exempt status and/or charitable organizations only.  CEF gives highest priority and consideration to projects and programs that enhance the quality of education in the schools and the community, increase educational opportunities, and benefit many people throughout Chelsea.

  • New  grant cycles begin in September of each year; applications open from September  – October and funds are awarded in early November.
  • A committee of CEF board members reviews and makes recommendations regarding each application to the entire CEF Board Directors.
  • Grant criteria and the CEF’s current budget are compared to the benefits of each project or program request.
  • Not all applicants will receive funding through the grants program.

Past grant recipients include:

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs
  • Senior Center
  • Chelsea District Library
  • One World One Family

Application Guidelines

Your application should include as much detail as possible to assist the Grant Committee in evaluating your program/project.  A comprehensive explanation of the program, number of residents the program will benefit, and a detailed breakdown of how the grant award monies will be utilized should be part of your application.  A lack of detail in your application may jeopardize your opportunity to receive a grant.   Upon completion of the project or program, each grant recipient must complete and return  a Grant Performance Review (see below).  You will not be considered for a grant in the future years if a performance reviews is not received by the CEF.

The CEF grants committee will consider the following criteria as part of the overall scoring procedure when reviewing grant proposals:

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Are the learning objectives clearly stated, and the expected outcomes easily quantifiable? Does the proposal align with the current goals and/or curriculum of the institution (school, community organization, etc.)? Is there a strong justification for the ability of the grant proposal to achieve its stated objectives?
IMPACT AND INNOVATION: Does the proposal have the ability to affect a wide range of students and/or community members? Does the grant help build professional ties between multiple organizations in the community?  Does the proposal contain new and novel approaches for education, or does it rely on tried and true methodologies?
FEASIBILITY: Is the financial request justified, and will it cover the expenses of the proposal?  Are the applicant and/or the applicant’s organization qualified to accomplish the aims of the grant? Will the specific budget requests of the grant serve to address the aims of the proposal?

Questions about the grant application procedure can be directed to

CEF does not typically fund the following:

  • Annual giving or capital campaigns
  • Normal operating expenses
  • Computer hardware
  • Religious or sectarian purposes
  • Individuals
  • Advocacy or political purposes
  • Loans
  • Annual meetings
  • Substitute teacher pay
  • Food items

Performance Review

The CEF Grant program requires all grant recipients to complete and return a Grant Performance  Review by the end of the grant cycle. The performance reviews are used by CEF to document the funds expended for the grants each year and help budget the funds that will be available for grants the following year.  If you are successful in obtaining a grant, the performance review will be included with the acceptance letter and we strongly suggest you use the form to track your program/project expenses throughout the year.